Money is not everything. But nothing can be done with no money


Who doesn't love money? But can we be smarter when it comes to money?

Many people are fascinated by millions of unique things in life. Mine is about technology.

Stop for a moment and give this a careful thought. Technology is a field where the only constant variable is change and the pace at which changes occur is intimidating to a lot of folks.

Ask your parents or grandparents to edit a Word document or put a filter to the photo that you've just taken using the phone camera. Don't be surprised if simple stuffs that you've taken as trivial can be nauseating to them. The phrase commonly used to refer to this trend is technology generational gap. We may think it is a hillarious issue now but fast forward yourself twenty years down the road.

At the present, we are already witnessing a transformation from the era of desktop computing to the era of phones and cloud computing. The sound of such terms may be alien to many people and this is when we have to be reminded to keep ourselves relevant before everything is too late. Otherwise, five years down the road, we'll discover ourselves like a dinosaur in the brink of extinction.

I am just a typical guy who likes writing and experimenting with new technology at the same time but I do not regard myself as the techniest geek. I am a self-proclaimed tech blog writer and I hope from my writing, I will not only helping my readers, but keeping myself intact with the latest state of the art technology.

My door is always opened to any opportunity. If you have a brilliant idea and love to collaborate, my mailbox is always opened.